Monday, November 15, 2010

Fortis Health Insurance Medford Oregon

If you're looking for any type of health
insurance in Oregon, you might want to
consider Fortis Health Insurance Medford
Oregon as a good choice. Fortis offers a
 wide range of individual, group, and
specialty health insurance plans to suit
 just about every possible need. Some of
the most popular types of insurance that
 individuals seek include student
 insurance, international travel
insurance, and short-term medical

For example, students who are married or
 who have reached the age when they can
no longer be covered under their family's
 insurance will still need health care
coverage until they graduate or enter the
 workplace. With Fortis, you can find a
low-cost plan that will provide the
 coverage your student needs. The right
 student plan will be renewable for as
long as the student is in school.

Fortis Health Insurance Medford Oregon
In addition to student insurance, you
will also be able to find insurance that
 will cover you when you travel outside
the US. It is very important to check
with your current carrier whenever you
plan to leave the country. While they may
 offer foreign coverage, the issue is
 whether the hospitals and doctors abroad
 will accept their plan. If you are using
 a travel agent, he or she may be able to
 advise you on whether you need travel
insurance, and, if you do need it, Fortis
 has it.

As a small business owner, you may be
looking for a health insurance plan designed
 around the needs and budgets of emerging
companies. Fortis offers a variety of plans
 that offer companies with 2-50 employees
the option to design a custom plan. If you
re between jobs or waiting for your new
employer's health plan to kick in, you can
find affordable short-term health coverage
 with Fortis. Fortis has been in the
insurance business since 1892 and currently
serves over one million people nationwide.
With a solid background in insurance, Fortis
 can meet and exceed your individual or small
 business insurance expectations at a reasonable

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