Monday, November 15, 2010

Fortis Plans to Sell Health Insurance

Fortis Health Care Ltd plans to list its pathological
 Units next year, but India is seeking to
 After the acquisition, Asia, the left
Bidding war in the region's largest hospital

The company also plans to start a health insurance
 Business India, and negotiations with countries
 Regulation billionaire Chairman Malvinder Singh
In Singapore, said in an interview. He refused to
 Said that the company can start.

Fortis Group will continue, and plans to use Singapore
 As the leading pan-Asian health "on the basis
And allows the team to identify
Region », Singh said. Fortis agreed to New Delhi
Vista Holdings Ltd. sold its shares in week
 Khazanah Malaysia, the fabrication
India offers to take
Hospital operational headquarters in Singapore.

"Asia, we see great opportunities
 Public health, "said Singh, 37. "We see a
Substantial gap between supply and demand. Asia is
Strong positions in growth of gross domestic product
 And necessary medical services. "

Singh, based in Singapore that India
 The company wants to invest in the city state.
 He declined to give details of possible targets
How much money is spent. Fortis could also
Singapore-listed shares of its capital city tap water
 Municipal Market Singh said, without giving

Fortis has received less than 0.1 percentage points, up 157.10
RS 3,30 last trading day in Mumbai,
 India's benchmark Sensitive Index rose 0.2

"Vehicle and platform."

Msgstr "Go to the car platform, we hope
 Development and use to achieve our
 World Vision », Singh said," This is not a walk today,
It will be another matter. "

Fortis to Pathology services, directing and completing
 Super Religare Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. business.
Super Religare said on July 14, has agreed to acquire
 Piramal Diagnostics, medical units
 6 billion rupees (129 million). Singh said,
 Joint company is the largest pathology business
 Asia, except Japan.

Singh plans to list the company on the pathological
Bombay Stock Exchange. Management, who has
Duke University's Fuqua School of Business Master of Business Administration
 Refused to say how many companies will seek
Initial public offering.

President Bush said that Fortis operating in 48 hospitals
 India will build 10 more in
 The next two years, which is about 2500 beds.

Further investment in India, Fortis Hospital
 Mauritius and one in Afghanistan, but
 Soon change », Singh said:" Our growth in the region
 Will be organic, inorganic and a mixture of management
Facilities, "he said.

Billionaire brothers

Shivinder Singh, age 35, brother Malvinder to manage
Fortis Directors. Net assets, both
 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, ranking the 297 list
The most abundant of the world's richest people, including 20
 India, according to Forbes magazine.

Singh and his family's income is about $
They sold 35 percent shares of Ranbaxy Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
 Daiichi Sankyo Company of Japan in Tokyo in 2008. That
Singhs also has activities in a group of people Religare
Including asset management, investment banking and life

Health insurance business will be
 And Religare companies, health insurance
 Country », Singh said. A CEO
Appointed to the new company, he said,
Refused to say when he will start.

Fortis Investments "substantial" funds,
Of which about 1.2 billion Singapore dollars (8.8 billion U.S. dollars)
25 percent walk, president sold

"If Fortis needs extra capital, which
Made a clear commitment on the side of family
 Fortis and Fortis, Singh said. "Fortunately,
 For us, has never been a funding issue. "

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