Monday, November 15, 2010

Fortis Health Insurance

More than a century, our company, Fortis Health Insurance
Focuses on only the health insurance. Fortis
Provide a reliable variety of health insurance
Individuals and families, small groups of employers and professional
Health insurance. This is for those who
 Are self-employed, work for employers who
Who does not provide health insurance. You can find that
Our experience includes international and medical products
Student health insurance, our company
 To provide long-term or short-term insurance market leader,
All the requirements. Fortis health insurance has a variety of
 Discount programs, including prescription drugs and dental perspective.
 Check our website to see which one we Fortis Health
Insurance services to meet your needs at the moment. With
Wide range of existing insurance plans, Fortis steppe
Insurance as early in your hands, consumers, ensuring
Health insurance is a reasonable price, as long as you want it.

Fortis Health's unique approach to health insurance allows
you worldwide coverage 24 hours a day. There is no need for
referrals to see a specialist. There is a lifetime benefitmaximum of
$8 million. Fortis Health Insurance allows you the choice of doctors
and hospitals from extensive networks. There is also a first-year
 rate guarantee.

Fortis health insurance plan Wide
 Individual policies. Types of applications, including network, traditional
 Health Savings Account (HSA) of the. Enterprises,
Election of the medical program, online management tools
 Business owners and employees, and all services
 Day, every day will not miss your business
In today's world demands that win. Commercial health plan
Major medical fluctuations, consumer choice plans, self-financing
 Products and ancillary products. Undergraduate and graduate students
Students, who will not be included in the
 Parents health plan for Fortis Health
 Insurance, as well. Our international medical scheme
Also ensure that no disturbance to travel abroad
Health insurance, so you can know you are resting
Include not only the United States, but abroad.

Fortis Health Insurance provides Assurant Health's Short
Term Medical (STM) insurance and is the national leader in
providing short term medical plans for those who are in
between jobs, laid off, on strike, waiting for group coverage,
 seasonal employees, early retirees who are waiting for
Medicare to begin, and those waiting for their employee
group coverage to start. Fortis Health Insurance provides
 temporary health insurance plans that can offer coverage
for as little as 30 days, or as long as 365 days.

Fortis Health Insurance Ratings

1. Customer Ratings Coverage:    1 out of 5   

2. Cost:                                        4 out of 5 

3. Customer Service:                    1 out of 5   

4. Claims:                                     1 out of 5

To talk with us at Fortis Health Insurance, please call
 us directly at 1-800-211-1193, or you can e-mail or fax
 us at 1-414-224-0472.

Fortis Health Insurance has approximately 2,500 people
 at locations such as Milwaukee, WI, Kansas City, MO,
 Miami, FL, Dublin, OH, Dallas, TX, Boise, ID, Charlotte,
 NC, and Minneapolis, MN. Our headquarters are located
 in Milwaukee, WI.

Our organization is known as Fortis Health Insurance in
 the market. The Fortis Health Insurance Company
includes health and medical products issued and
underwritten by Fortis Insurance Company, John Alden
Life Insurance Company, and Fortis Benefits Insurance Company.

Fortis Heath Insurance is a part of Fortis, Inc.,
and thanks to the support of our affiliates and
operating companies, we are able to provide a wide
variety of individuals, businesses, financial service
 organizations, and associations that are within the
United States with specialty insurance and investment
products. In the international market, Fortis, Inc. is
a part of Fortis group, operating in the many fields of
 insurance, banking, and investments. Our listed
companies are Fortis (B) of Belgium and Fortis (NL)
of The Netherlands.

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